folktronica friday at the cidery in chatham

your friday night checklist:

  1. artisanal small batch hard cider in a hoop house – ✔
  2. artisanal italian food by tommy carlucci catering – ✔
  3. artisanal folktronica by y.t. – ✔

the hba will be playing live at the cidery fri 7/26 from 6pm – 9pm. expect some new tunes from the forthcoming album ‘anthropocene’ and beyond, plus songs dating perhaps even as far back as ‘secrets in tiny pockets’.

the cidery at the chatham berry farm is located at 2309 route 203, chatham, n.y 12037

high fructose (you marvelous ingredient)

‘high fructose’

it’s a break down phase
it’s the reckoning
nobody panic

just blame it on the man
since they’ve hired so many
quantum mechanics

but they had a good excuse
it’s what happens when
it gets existential

and yeah they drank the juice
and they wore the clothes
it’s just essential

you’re so high-fructose baby
you’re wonderful you marvelous ingredient
you’re so high up there baby
when you come down there’s no repeatin’ it

you’re so well-spoken baby
your eloquence it makes up
for your deficits

we saw snow in august
an aurora borealis
just a little bit

‘drivin’ in black cars’

from the album ‘high fructose’.

(top secret: regardless of the color, christina drives her car with a certain maude-like sense of gusto. it’s truly a joy to behold.)

never said a word
and anyway no one would believe me
I never was a flower
started as a weed

the house was on a tilt
the wind was like a weapon
but i couldn’t feel the chill
it was the start of something free

and it was wild and it was normal
like it happened every day
and it was rare and out of order
it was time and it was space

but we’re trapped inside the orbit
like a game in the arcade
well do you want to play
do you want to play

it was springtime in detroit
it was music during wartime
cause the last thing that I said
was the quietest goodbye
but you know I’m just a liar
I keep my own self in the darkness

driving in black cars
a funeral for stars
driving in black cars
a funeral for stars

never said a word
no one would believe me
never was a flower
started as a weed

i will always seek you out
i am a drone